Welcome to the Xperiment!

In a nutshell, this project’s goal is to create an international social and cultural center, combined with sustainable lifestyle amidst the beautiful nature of the Balkan mountain. What better time than now (april 2020)? 

But what inspired us to direct our efforts towards developing a space for a new way of life, away from the current human paradigm?

Below we have presented OUR reasons why. However, we fully understand that this is a very serious and multi-layered practical and philosophical question to answer, on which many debates may be held (and they will be):

  • In our society today people are feeling more and more alone, away from other human souls and are going through life without any clear or meaningful direction.
  • The vast majority of our society mindlessly chase their professional career, financial security and unnecessary material possessions in a world that is becoming less empathic by the day, just as their own internal emotional worlds do in the process.
  • There is a growing feeling inside us of insecurity, aimlessness and lack of understanding of our own personal lives and feelings, which leads to a general sense of dissatisfaction with all aspects of our lives.
  • We are beginning to understand that contrary to all models and dogmas today’s world is based on, we have created a society full of flaws, that are implanted deep in its core.
  • Quite often we “dig” in the past, during the times of our predecessors and ask ourselves – have they lived a simpler, more meaningful and happier life?
  • We are now fully aware of the urgent need for change in our lives – both in the material and the spiritual aspect.
  • In the end, as any other human being we are asking ourselves and the people around us the questions: “Am I happy?”, “Are you happy?”,” Are we happy”… and of course, “What could make us happy?”. We will never stop asking ourselves these questions as long as we live, but we decided it is time to hunt for some answers!

This list can go on and on… and we are positive that each and every one of you can add a point or two to it. Our goal here was to summarise the root issues, which made us begin looking for this change.

View over the garden of the Xperiment Place