The team

It is a pleasure to meet you, albeit in a one-sided introduction. We will be glad if you contact us or visit at any time. We are currently in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, but are already spending more and more time at the Xperiment place in the mountains, beginning the work towards our goals. Please see the Contact section of this website for ways to reach us.
See you soon! 😉

27787214_10214327404435747_749496350_o   Petko Tenchev – Core member.
Responsibilites: development, operations and logistics

Petko (38) is from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. An economics graduate, he began working in a large global corporation for linguistic solutions in Sofia. At the age of 30 he decided to leave the corporate world and the big city to seek a more fulfilling way of life. Since then, he has developed his own online translation agency and along with this he is the host of a jazz bar/cultural space in his home town for the last 3 years. He is also a volunteer coordinator on large cultural events. For the last two years he is a Vipassana practitioner. His dream to create a cultural, social and sustainable space out of town has been among the prime movers of the Xperiment.

“Human emotions and communication on all levels has always been my core interest in life. I was lucky to have a very happy childhood and part of it I spent in the same village, that we chose for the Xperiment. The healthy social and cultural environment I grew up in, combined with all my travels around the world and life experience, lead naturally to this moment – when I am ready to put all my energy and knowledge into creating this space along with other people, who feel the same way.”


15267912_1335260139840499_8515883418793461005_n   Stoyanka Dimitrova – Core member.
Responsibilites: development, social concept, event management

Stoyanka (36) graduated economics here in Bulgaria and has worked for the past ten years in the sphere of finance, as well as in an international company in Stara Zagora. She likes to spend her spare time among nature and in the mountains, and also to travel. Her dream is to gradually leave the corporate urban environment and build a life, similar to what she had in her childhood.

“I believe we can improve our lives by choosing to do this together with other people with whom we share common ideas. The world is now engulfed by greed, obsession with greatness, over-tolerance of the individual and not caring for the community. It promotes spending and unconscious consumption that destroys our planet. I would like to participate in building a society, which rests on the natural human qualities of caring for the other, love, humanity and all those qualities our parents taught us to value.”


225945_7676293342_4959_n   Plamen Putsov – Core member.
Responsibilites: environmental design, agricultural development, musical events

Plamen (40) a.k.a “The Soul Brother”, studied German and English at the Foreign Language School in the city and international tourism at the Sofia university. After working many years in the Bulgarian capital and several years abroad in the field of real estate, trade and hospitality industry, he decided to go back to his home region and to went into farming with his brother. Now Plamen is growing organic hazelnuts and other vegetables in a village near Stara Zagora. Never miss a chance to try his tomatoes! He loves soul music and good wine.

“At one point of my life I realized that most of us live in a fake world, full of lies, misunderstanding, rough competition based models and the worse is that if you want to be “successful” in this environment you gotta embrace all that. Probably this is the main reason why I decided to turn to what feels truly genuine for me – land and nature. The good thing is that I meet friends who think and feel the same way. I’m glad to be on The Xperiment project working and helping with the agricultural part in order to create a sustainable connection between all its members, supporters, participants and visitors and the beautiful Bulgarian nature, climate and fertile land, to explore its possibilities in a harmonized way.”