The road ahead

When we started this Xperiment, we knew precisely what we are leaving behind. But what lies ahead? We honestly don’t know, simply because it lies in the future and will be a product of our group effort. What we DO know it is about time to find out, TOGETHER! Because we believe, that we should create our future, rather than let others do it for us!

At this point in time (spring 2020) our short and long-term goals with realistic deadlines are these:

  • Purchasing an old house with garden in a village among nature and away from civilization, with enough agricultural land to work on and opportunity to house between 15-20 people after repairs – DONE! Please see “the Place” in the website menu for more information about the Xperiment location.
  • Building a team of people, who share our or similar ideas about life, the universe and everything else – a constant ongoing process;
  • Creating a habitable physical space (repairing the house) and working towards setting up the basic life requirements (rooms, kitchen, insulation, plumbing etc.) – by the end of 2020;
  • Creating the food garden and building/acquiring any other possible sustainable energy sources – spring 2021 or earlier;
  • Creating a vibrant society, free from all divisions and prejudice, based on free and honest communication at all levels – a constant ongoing process;
  • Turning the space into a living cultural and spiritual center, where people from all ages and backgrounds can join and participate in an extremely large variety of events in the areas of education, the arts, cultural and spiritual exchange and knowledge, aimed at reviving our human connection and our natural energy cycles within the environment – Well, this is already happening! 🙂

We fully understand that achieving these goals WILL NOT be easy! This is why we need YOUR help in any possible form!

Please feel free at ALL times to send us your thoughts, ideas, criticism or comments about these goals. Nothing today is the same it was yesterday, nor is it the same as it will be tomorrow!

Winter sunset over Dimovci