The Place

In the heart of the Balkan mountain there is a small, scenic valley. It is surrounded from nearly all sides with green hills and riverbeds between them. On the southern slope, overlooking the valley is located the village of Dimovci. The road ends there. Beyond it there is only the mountain…

От Димовци 2-1 - Copy
View from the village to the south towards Jrebchevo lake

This is the place we have chosen for our project. The village is almost abandoned. Apart from the weekends, when several families come from town, there are less than 10 inhabitants in its nearly 50 houses. Many of these houses are abandoned, which provides a variety of development opportunities.

View north towards the mountain

You can grow all typical Balkan fruit and vegetables in the land here and water supply is sufficient from tap and wells. There is plenty of sunshine and the winter is not as cold as in the higher mountains, since the valley is naturally protected from the north.

Panorama 1
Summer view – where the storm and the sun meet

It is away from civilization, but still close enough – the nearest emergency and fire departments are 7 km away. At the same distance there are shops and pharmacies. It is easily accessible from all parts of the country, being located almost in the centre of Bulgaria. It has very good cellular and internet coverage.

The house – summer 2017 (some weeks before we bought it)
Some of the buildings – a traditional large two-floor barn on the left

The house that we bought for the project last year is at the western end of the village (42.672453, 25.732208), there are no immediate neighbours’ parcels and the garden is connected to a beautiful small riverbed. The property is around 1300 square meters big, with several old buildings that will be repaired and expanded to 250-300 square meters, which shall provide sufficient living and common spaces.

The barn’s second floor – view from the backyard

We have also bought another empty nearby parcel in the village of around 1500 square meters, which will be used for growing organic food. There are sufficient options to further expand the agricultural land if needed.

The main entrance
The stone and wood foundation of the buildings

There are many houses around the village, which can be bought at very reasonable prices, which need repairs in various degrees. Quite often there are houses for sale without any need of repair. Please contact us for more information.

От Димовци 3
View of the valley
The same hills in winter 🙂