How to join?

The Xperiment is basically open to ANYONE and is aimed at all types of social entities of the human world, who are looking for ways to rediscover themselves – individuals, families, groups or circles of people, who share common interests. In practical terms, this project is suitable both for people, who want to “escape” from urban life and also for these, who for various reasons cannot do this permanently, but would like to have the opportunity to become a part of such an undertaking and the chance to experience a temporary retreat from their own environment.

At this starting point there are several basic options anyone can choose from, based on the phases of the project development:

  • Core Xperiment members – the initial group of people, which begin the actual work of restoring the space and the house in the mountain village for the needs of the project. They invest their physical work and the initial funds, which are needed to complete the first phases of the project. Also they will become the permanent members of the project with their own personal living space and take part in creating the concepts, social design and basic rules of the Xperiment.
  • Xperiment members – the people that actively help with the physical, artistic and intellectual work in all phases of the project from its beginning and create, develop and organize events and activities throughout the whole process.
  • Volunteer members – everyone, who visits the Xperiment space temporarily and help with anything from growing food to giving ideas and being part of the whole development process. Lodging and food will be provided for everyone, who decides to join as a volunteer in the period between May and September 2018, when most of the work on repairing the house will be done. Additional information will be provided upon request.
  • Surrounding circle members – the individuals, groups or families, living in other houses around the Xperiment place. They represent the friendly circle, which will help in the development of the social aspect of the project. They share our vision, take part in the events and always be the “good neighbour” with whom we will break bread and exchange ideas.
  • Participants – everyone, who will either organize or be part of the cultural, social and spiritual events, which will begin taking place in the space, once it is ready to accommodate them.
  • Contributors – everyone, who is not yet physically, but is financially able to assist in the creation of the space for the Xperiment and wants to have the option to become a future visitor, participant or member of the project. Please see the Contribute section of this website for more information.

Every person, who joins the project in any of the above ways, will be given access to the Xperiment site at all stages of its development and depending on the personal contribution and one’s desire will become an integral part of the project, once it becomes operational in all its aspects and begins to achieve its goals.

Please, contact us as soon as possible if you want to join the Xperiment team! Also please feel free to write to us with any suggestions and questions you may have or if you think that you can see yourself in a different role from the ones that are proposed here.

The old village smithy, part of the project place