This project is aimed at achieving a new sustainable life as a society of humans in all of its aspects. In its core it is an open platform for anyone, who desires to practically change their paradigm.

The specific goals of the Xperiment are aimed at all areas of life, including:

  1. Creating a shared space for sustainable life out of the urban areas in harmony with nature and ourselves for people of all ages, background or family status
  2. Creating a steady micro-society, aimed at closing as many energy cycles as possible (i.e. food, water, electricity, heat etc.) by combining traditional knowledge with all technologies available today
  3. Creating a dynamic social space, clean of prejudice and division, which is being constantly evolved by its members regarding its values, principles and structure
  4. Creating an open cultural space, aimed at nurturing the free flow and exchange of inspiration between people from all cultures and artistic backgrounds
  5. Creating a local society, aimed at shared development and implementation of educational, social and spiritual practices
  6. Combining all of the above into a single living system, which translates into creating a whole new life environment

For a list of the types of some of the activities and events, that will take place in the Xperiment space, please read our “Events” section.

Flowers in the winter…