Once the Xperiment Place is ready and operational, it will host a variety of year-round events, including:

  • Art workshops, gatherings and festivals in the areas of music, theater, literature, cinema, dance etc.
  • Events, aimed at developing skills and practical experience in the areas of organic agriculture, permaculture and sustainable way of life
  • Retreats and courses, aimed at the personal and group spiritual development –yoga, meditation and other practices
  • Practical workshops in a variety of crafts and skills
  • Events, aimed at the education of children in all practical, artistic and social areas of life
  • Inspirational retreats or coworking space for groups or individuals, who are working from home – IT specialists, service providers, online enterpreneurs etc.
  • Events, aimed at the social integration of children or people from disadvantaged groups
  • Hiking trips in the Balkan mountain, thanks to the very suitable location of the Xperiment Place, combined with learning about the local flora and fauna
  • Creating and practicing a variety of game concepts for people of all ages, uncluding social, board and outdoor games
  • Intercultural exchange events and holidays, where people from different parts of the world will meet and interact
  • Individual or group visits with other interests, team building events etc.
  • Group sports activities and training – i.e. football, baseball, basketball etc.

All participants and organizers of these events will also have the chance to help with the ongoing everyday needs of the Xperiment place.

Our core members already have a lot of experience with organizing and participating in these types of events, however we will need your help and energy in the preparation of both the Xperiment Place and these events!

Please follow our FB page to see stories and photos of our first two summers:

Contact us today or read the “How to join” section! 🙂